★stargirl★ (daffojill) wrote,

blueberry muffin

This weekend was not very exciting. Didn't think I was going out and sat on Friday in a huff because nobody wanted to play. Ended up going to the cinema about midnight with Gary to see This Is England. I enjoyed it, poor Milky though :(

I went to B&Q UNIVERSITY on Saturday. Yes, it exist. It was of those "YES! It's exciting to work for B&Q!" kind of things. We played word assosciation (I won) and ate lunch.

On Sunday I worked.

Bank Holiday Monday, no college, hooray. Bit of a skive really, bank holiday mondays cut my college week down to only one day. I was supposed to go see Meet the Robinsons with Gary but we missed it so we went for lunch at Bread and BUtter instead. Total school dinners style and cheap cheap cheap. Loved it though.

We went back to mine and watched Spiderman and slept. He ended up staying over so I got a drive to college this morning. Jenny, Kirsty, Kerry, Nicola, Gary and me all ditched college and went for lunch. Wasn't that amazing and they put chicken in Kirstys vegetarian salad, and when she sent it back they just covered the chicken with more salad, idiots. Went to town to have a swatch at some studios to rent and they look pretty decent despite being up a dodgey close down an alley.

I went home for about two seconds before I had to go to work again.
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