★stargirl★ (daffojill) wrote,

Bash the Badger

Last week I went to college and worked and then got very very drunk on Friday. I got a haircut on Friday too. I went to Blackfriars with Jaye, Cait, Becca et all. Don't actually remember all that much of it but I do remember taxi sharing with some guy back to Dennistoun, meeting Gary and making fun of him for the rest of the night, apparently.

I spent the rest of the weekend watching Eurovision and working some more.

I've said so many ridiculous things this week. I just keep embarrasing myself.

On Monday I had college. After college Gary drove Shaun and me to town for some lunch. BOGOF pizza, thanks. Off to work after that.

Tuesday - Work then college, nothing exciting.

Wednesday - Workk

Thursday - Went to see Meet the Robinsons with Gary. We were the only two poeple in the cinema but I suppose thats what happens when you go to the cinema at one in the afternoon. I went to work after the cinema.

Today has been spent watching rubbish television, showering and soon I leave to go to work.

I highly doubt this weekend will be eventful. I have a total of £6 and I have to pay £2.90 for my train to work tonight and £2.90 for my train to work tomorrow so really I have twenty pence to spare. Glad I'm getting paid on Sunday.
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