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this orange is ok, its kind of like eating an orange

Its been a bit of a while since my last update but I'll go all the way back to Friday 17th March. Since then I've went to Andrews on Friday nights because I can have a drink, get some good chat and sometimes Andrew treats us all to putting on a bandana just to look a bit cool

There was a party at Andrews on March 18th because Ross and Andrew had reached the big 1-8. Legal boys. It was a swell night, I made and ate lots of sandwiches and good people were there.

A guy called Shaun and Darren were there

So was Andrew and the other Shaun

I was happy, Toma was looking a bit scary

Tony came, but he fell asleep and got a bit abused. Ive never seen so many poeple wap out their camera phones so quickly

Gary wanted to be Tonys friend

Ross was there, but it wasnt his birhtday


hi Shaun

This is Ross' I'm-really-excted-because-I-just-turned-eighteen face

Happy birthday to Andrew...


Haha, my face was ugly in this pcture

I think I caught him putting lipgloss on

Gary found Ross' jacket,put it on and had a rummage

What did he find?

a cigarette!

We all headed out to the Art School on the 23rd of March for Andrews proper birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREw <3 It seemed to be compulsory for anyone going to the bar to buy a round of shots. I dont think anyone was sober and it made for a really good night.

Thats Jayes jacket, it was new at the time

This girl shiobanne appeared from nowhere. Im not really sure I know her but apparently we went to Toward together

I like to find foreign perverts when I got to the art school and ths was him

I got drunk enought to start kissng everyone

but they kssed me back so its okay

Is Andrew rollng an invisible joint?

Jaye doesnt have bones in her arms

I met Shooby there too

For the whole night I had my cup in hand with my finger pointed like this. Why? I have no idea

Theres that pointed finger again

bendy arms

Theres me spazzing on the dancefloor, pointed finger included

Liam on the dancefloor

sexy Ali B was there

Ive no idea whos hat Holly was wearing

Check the legnth of that arm!

Nicholas Albert Pang was there

Ross' eyeballs rolled about

I dont think Jaye is singing the same words as anyone else

pointy finger!

I went to Andrews afterwards with Ross and Liam and passed out his bed to wake up in the morning to find the birthday boy lying beside me with his birthday boy hat

After that my camera broke because I dropped it in a bucket of water so it gets a bit harder trying to remember what else Ive done.

01/04 One Saturday, the boys plus Jaye came round to mine for a game of Scene It and lots of chinese food. It was a little dissapointing that my team didnt win but Andrew and Jayes film knowledge just cant be beaten

06/04 I went to the Sub Club on a Thursday with Jaye and Caitlin and quite a few boys that I didnt know. I got pretty wasted, had a good dance and got a little excited on the way home when I realised I had money for a taxi, even if it meant I was missing out on a night of passion.

08/04 Kevan had an 18th birhtday party so we dressed nice and headed along. THe drinks were surprisingly cheap and Kevans little brother had the moves. I joined the boys in going to Andrews afterwards for some chinese and more drinks and went home int he early hours of the morning.

16/04 I got two weeks off college for Easter and a nice Easter I had. I got quite a few eggs and still have quite a lot of chocolate left. On Easter Sunday Jaye and me went to Caitlins for a drink and then I met Andrew and Ross in town for a subway and a walk back to Dennistoun to meet Liam. On Easter Monday I went to Garys house and we watched Rocky. I was hoping it would make me cry because I was told it was a touch emotional but no tears were shed. I did get a Buckaroo easter egg from Gary though which made up for it.

19/04 On wednesday it was a lovely day and Caitlin and me wandered the West End and ate lunch in the park. I cannot wait for summer.

21/04 Another really super sunny and warm day. I didnt even have to wear a jacket! Gary came and picked me up to take me somewhere. Where were we going? Who know, it was a surprise :) We ended up at the Science Centre and it was such a good day. We tried our hardest to make a cube out of blocks but we couldnt work it out. There was a heat camera that showed the hottest things as white and the coldest things as black. Garys moaning of my hands always being like ice were proven to be true when my hands turned up on camera as being BLACK. It came to closing time and although we'd been there for 3 hours it only felt like 1. We didnt get a chance to look at everything but it's proper good, everyone should go. After the Science Centre we went for food because I was a hungry girl and then it was back to mine. After Gary left I went to Andrews and every second sentence out of my mouth started with "Today at the Science Centre..." I think I'm obsessed. The boys played Pro Evo but I'm not a fan. Liam turned a bit gangsta on us, "Sometimes thats just the way shit goes down" We all left just after 5 and I finally got to bed about 6.

22/04 Jaye, Caitlin and me went into town. We went a very short wander and went to the Gallery of Modern Art. I bought a stock of Rock and then bused it home again for a snooze.

28/04 I had an interview with the guy from Ried Kerr, I got accepted to go do HND Photography, YUSS! I wandered about town for ages afterwards trying to find a birthday present for Shaneese. Afterwards I went home for a quick nap, a shower and then went to Andrews for a drink. Jaye, ROss, Andrew and me all went along wearing our piece of pink and it was a goood night. I got to see so many poeple that I hadnt seen in ages, old schol friends and that. Shaneese was wearing a really proper nice dress. Craig had grew about 3847436 feet taller. I got a bit drunk but didnt have a dance. Craig and me walked Jaye home and then Criag walked me home. I feel asleep as soon as I got in even thought it was only 1am.

29/04 My parents jetted off to Spain on Saturday morning for a few days so I decided poeple should come plays games aat my house. Jaye, Cait, Ross, Andrew, Liam, Chris, Toma and Gary came round. We ate, pizaa, pringles and take away. We made prank phonecalls because we are 14 years old again. Buzz was played and surprisingly I didnt come last. Jaye and Cait left early and the rest of played Pictionarymania. My team won, HOORAY. Everyone left, Gary and me headed to bed and Chris stayed over too.

30/04 NOBODY wanted to come and play with me :( Jaye and Cait were off to Aphex, Andrew had to work and everybody else were syaing they had no money. After drinking my bottle of bev much too quickly and throwing up all over my bathroom I left and went to the Cathouse to meet Lynn. I was wearing very hight shoes and added a whopping a SIX INCHES to my height Gary some poeple werent too amused at my extra height but I LOVED it. Met Lynn and Daniel inside and also Gary, Pete and that too. Had some good chat, but again I didnt get a dance. Stayed at Garys afterwards.

04/05 Kirsty and me met Gary and his Clydebank lot to take our portfolios to the Met. We werent particulary impressed, they didnt tell us anything about the course or what they have to offer. Ah well. I'll find out in the next two weeks if they accept me or not.

05/05 I went to town in the hope of buying something new. There isnt really anything good in the shops just now. Mikey have a fantastc sale on though so I bought a new necklace and matching earrings. Had lunch with Jaye and Cait too. We went to the park at night and had a drink. I was home in bed by half 11, completey knackered.

06/06 Jaye and me were invited round to Caitlins for dinner. It was lovely and we were all too full for dessert. Some boys came round after dinner and we sat about and had a drink. Jaye and me got a taxi home about half past three.
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:( I horrify myself. That hat was IOD's and it was very sweaty (N)

Another good batch of photo's, another set where I look enormous. Like a whale, or a dis-proportioned chubby midget with bad teeth. As if it couldn't get any worse anyway.

I don't think of myself as fat either, but these days in pictures I look like a bloated heffer, so I might be dragging that Holly one down to the gym more often:P

Jill, where the fuck have you been? Where the fuck have I been? Maybe it's me that's been cooped up going crazy over stupid English revision that I only kid myself that I do. Have you been in the art school recently and I've just not seen you?

Art school? Nah, don't think I've been there since March. No idea where I've been actually, not been to many clubs recently. Maybe I'm just getting boring in my old age.
photos of me are whack, "wiggidy wack?" no just the normal kind