★stargirl★ (daffojill) wrote,

Jillian doesn't smoke, she thinks it's bad for your health

Well my Saturday was quite super to say the least.

Gary came round and we went to the cinema to see Final Destination Three, even though I havent saw one or two. We went to Asda afterwards so I could get myself something for drinking later that night and we bought seomthing for dinner too. It was back to mine for dinner and after that we went to Jayes. Gary being the nice boy that he is drove Jaye and me to Caitlins house.

Caitlins parents were having a perty for Mr Duffys birthday. We decided to stay in Caits room and have a drink. Declan joined us. I got super wasted and looked like I was on drugs. I thrusted for a bit and it was possibly the most hilarious thing ever captured on video. Those two girls threw sausage rolls at me, NASTY. The whole night wasa bit hilarios really but I came home about seven on Sunday morning because my eyes were feeling a bit mad and I felt like I was going to have a seizure if I didnt get to bed.

Caitlin and Jaye did some synchronised swimming on Caits bed

Caitlin was going to declare her lve for jaye but ended up attacking her

I got naked

Jaye discovered a new party trick

Hi Jesus

Jesus joined the party

having a dance

my attempt at Jayes party trick

Caitlin got sexy

Caitlin prepares for attack

She starts to molest Jaye

There we go

Dec wore a nice hat

Dec had a dance

Jaye took a photo

Jaye took a drink

This was our makeshift drinks cabinet

I pretended to leave

I didnt quite make it out the door

My eyes are actually open in this photo

Hello large pupils and squint boobs

looks like Cait was just as wasted as I was

She attempted to walk Coos to the door


Jaye chillin in decs hoody

I was at college on Monday and took a trip to town after with Shaun. At night at got raging at life and repeatedly swore at my computer and phone becuse I couldnt write an essay that was due in for this morning.

I had college again today. I got my essay done, its the worst piece of rubbish I've probably ever put on paper. Because it was Pnacake day Christine bought us all pancakes. Thats me finished college until March 13th so I suggest everyone comes and does fun stuff with me, THANKS
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