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Actually, no idea what I've been doing since the last update.

Err, college? Done zilcho work in college, don't really see much changing there. Went back to see Christine and get some of my old work from last year back. Some of my photographs have been water damaged because the class was flooded, bit rubbish, eh?

I went to cheesey pop at the QMU on Friday the 20th after a few drinks at Kerrys. It was alright, didn't get that drunk though which is pretty dissapointing.

Started my new job in B&Q on the 23rd. It was a bit rubbish because I spent all my time on my own in the training room for ages. It's picking up now though AND can I really complain when I get to wear this sexy uniform?

b&q uniform

What else? I bought really good pyjamas from H&M kids section. Supposed to be for young boys but I couldn't resist something that came straight from the Aquafresh adverts. I've bought other stuff, dresses and that, nothing particularly interesting.

aquafresh pyjamas

On Friday 27th I went to Pressure at the the Arches with Jaye, Cait and Holly. I got my cider on the go and finally got drunk, hoorah. Apart from kicking about with my boobs out then it was good, had a dance and lots of trips to the bar, "double apple sourz and lemonade please". Had a drink in the Sub Club afterwards with Jaye and Cait but I was getting sleepy again so it was taxi home just after 4.

Saturday 28th - I went to see DANCING ON ICE: THE TOUR. Hi loser. I bloody hate Bonnie Langford. Although I've never seen so many buff arms in one day. Went to Oko for dinner, despite not liking Sushi. I was surprised at how cheap it was.

Today I spent most of my morning on the internet trying to get to grips with voting. I've read so many different websites trying to figure how who to vote for. I think I've just about grasped it.
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