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Holy moley

Check me, on live journal. Im nuts. Not actually though, just pretty bored.

Last Saturday I went out in PAISLEY. Who knew you could such a thing. I fell over and broke my finger/hand and then later fell off my seat in the taxi and broke my bum, its bruised.

ON Easter Sunday I went to Optimo. Queue jumping is a bit of alright. JAye, Cait and Andrew came to mine for a few easter drinkies before hand. Good night, I forgot how enjoyable OPtimo could be. MET JENNI WILKIE! <3 <3 Love her. After Cait stole all my clothes Andrew and me walked half way home with me wearing nothing under my coat apart from my bra and Jayes jeans.

Jaye was there

Andrew was there

I was there

Cait was there

Martin Clunes, you fox

Fergal fish and a royal frog

Haven't done much else this week, ehh, went for lunch, became a B&Q employee! I get myself a lovely orange apron to wear and I start on the 23rd.

Actually, went to the beach in Aberdeen on Thursday. Nice weather, it was approx -2 degrees, perfect for the beach im sure you'd agree. I think i caught pnuemonia.

my dog is a scab

Thats a cut on my foot causd by the scabby dog, sympathy please

the sky kind of looked like candy floss on the way home but i cant take a photo to save myself so you can't actually see it

Went to Hollys last night for some drinks then off to Blackfriars for Seismis. The bar smelled funny, which i didn't enjoy. Got really tired instead of drunk. Taxi for Jillian just after 2.

Today I work.
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