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Last week, on Wednesday to be exact, I tropped off to Reid Kerr with Shaun, Kirsty and the rest of that North Glasgow lot. It was alright, the were showing us some super fancy digital camera but it was all a bit too technical and didnt really hold my interest. It was good to be back at Reid Kerr though, feeling qute good about going there next year.

On the Thursday I went to the North Glasgow fashion show which was suprisingly good. Went swimming afterwards and got a bit worried that my newly dyed hair would turn the pool or my hair funny colours.

FRIDAY. Went for a drink with Cait in Elliots and then headed off to the ABC after having a bit of good bread. Met a few poeple, got quite drunk and fell over, TWICE. That makes Friday nights falls a total of three. It was my silly shoes. Smacked my head of the toilet floor, bit painful, shed a slight tear. Don't worry, I survived :)

On Sunday Gary came to mine with Philidephia Splendips <3 We watched Phonebooth and Gary stayed over. In the morning we sanded my bed.

I went To Edinburgh on Tuesday and took lots of photos of the cow parade and bought a birthday gift for Jaye.

Today I had college and I didnt do much work. Now, I'm off to watch Pingu with my mum, I love Pingu.
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