★stargirl★ (daffojill) wrote,

Good effort

Gary stayed over on Friday night. We fell asleep at 9 and woke up at midnight with my room being ridiculously hot. I dont remember anything after that so I'm assuming we fell asleep again.

The rest of the weekend was pretty dull. Although did buy new shos, a bag and hairbands. I made a navy top too and it turned out pretty well except from the fact I had to hand sew it all :(

Yesterday Gary came round to mine at half past eight in the morning, early early. We were going to Edinburgh for the Cow Parade! I got some fantastic philadelphia thing for the bus there and now I cant find it anywhere else. From the moment we got to Edinburgh until the moment we left it didn't stop raining. It was a good day though. We didnt get to see all the cows but what we did see were good. One had been stolen! I quite fancied a nap on the bus home but I didnt get to. Some guy on the bus had a really amazing voice, he could easily have been on radio, or perhaps a newsreader.

No college for me tomorrow!
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