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EDIT: this one has photos in it

Thursday 9th March

I didnt do much during the day but I eventually stopped being lazy and got showered and headed off to Hollys where I met her, Jaye and Cait for some drinking before the Art School. Was a really good night, best art school in a long time. Met lots of good poeple in there including Marj, who I felt like i danced with for most of the night but I dont know if that actually true. Everybdy there seemed to just be up for a proper dance, including one camp man that decided rub himself over ever girl there. Afterwards Caitlin lay on the ground, no idea why, STEAMER. I walked a bit with Gary and Dyno and then we taxi's it to Knightswood where I stayed over with Gary.

Caitlins eyes had a bit of a seizure

This guy said that if he had to choose, he would choose sandwishes over facial hair. Good choice I thought, then he offered me a bit of his sandwich

Jaye had her toothbrush with her, obviously this seemed like a good idea at the time

and again

Jaye got in on the toothbrush fun too

Dyno has skelator cheeks

toothbrush again!

Jaye thought this was a toxic tampon, its actually a finger

Foy appeared drunk and Caitlin jumped on him

This is when Cait lay on the ground and Gary sat on her face

suddenly ashley appeared from nowhere

Caitlin still lay on the ground

Friday 10th MArch

APPARENTLY got woke up by Garys borhter in the morning for being flat out on the living room floor and got shifted through to the bedroom but I dont remember this so it couldnt have happened. GOt up a bit later and had a shower and took a trip to Braehead then home again.

Saturday 11th

Went round to Jayes on Saturday night for a drink with Jaye, Cait and Holly. As we were leaving it started snowing! How exciting. We went to the Cathouse, another super night with good poeple, including Andrew <3 When we left the Cathouse the snow was thick, super thick and i wasnt wearing much warm clothing. It was so good to get cosy in bed that night.

I cant actualy remember what happened but the police told gary off for starting a riot or seomthing, "one snowball, one riot" Ehh OKAY

Rory ate the snow, yuck!

Sunday 12th March

I moped about all day because no one would come play with me in the snow


No doubt it was another dull day.

Tuesday 14th March

Back to college! Was alright actually, didnt do much, just found out what we'll be doing this term, sounds good.

Gary invited himself round to mine at night and we watched some Japanese subtitled effort of a film called Ping Pong. Surprisingly, it was quite good.


I slept. A LOT.

Thursday 16th March

I didnt have to go to college, but to Reid Kerr instead so I got a bit of a lie in. I love lying in. It was quite good even if it was a bit hard to find. We were told it was the simplest thing ever, lies.

JAye, Cait and me thought about going to 2 many djs but it was sold out so we didn't. We did decide on going to the art school but the queue was disgustingly long and we realised it was going to be packed inside so we left and went to Noodle Noodle. It got chilly in there so we took our food and headed to Caitlin's for som Sex and the City - "I love your big, rock hard, throbbing sausage" Jaye and me tax's it hoe about half two and my taxi driver had no clue where he was going.


I had college. On the train home I was leaning over in my seat and the train hit a bump and I actually fell right off my seat and fell on my bum on the floor. I coulsnt stop laughing it was PROPER hilarious. I think you had to be there though. I was still laughing when i got off the train and most of the way home. I walked the dog and napped.
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