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Jaye and Andrew came round to mine on Saturday night and we watched lots of Family Guy. We ate some pringles and Jaye got a sly glance of my bum, lucky girl.

I went a walk with Caitlin on Sunday. We walked about the West End and went for somthing to eat in Hubbards. We met a tree surgeon that thought we couldnt cope with sitting on our own. We had a drink after dinnner. One drink led to another and then another. We went another walk and ended up in the Basement having yet another drink. Caitlin got locked out her house because the silly girl forget her keys so she came back to mine to stay over. I forced her into drinking a bottle of cider with me. We chatted, listened to some music an got immature with condoms and lube. We eventually went to bed about 4am and watched American Pie.

I wore my new shoes and they hurt. A LOT. This was the blood shed

I'm pointing at a tangerine in my drink, but you can't see it

There it is!

After that we put lube on our hands and high fived. We then realised we had lube all over our hands and quickly washed it off.

We were up at half six in the morning on Monday, YUCK. Caitlin was off to work so I made her sandwiches and sent her on her way. I planned on going back to bed but I couldnt sleep. For the rest of the day I didnt do much at all.

I slept for ages on Tuesday but then I got out of bed, off my bum and wnt swimming with Lynn. No idea how many lengths we done but it was good. I went home and tidyed my room and then my mum and me went to a Body Combat class. It was surprisingly good and quite hilarious when my mum started laughing while doing crunches and ended up rolling about the floor.

Gary came round to stay after his work on Tuesday night. We didnt do anything I dont think. I nagged him for a bit because he wasnt doing anythiing to keep me amused. He attempted to go to sleep but I didnt want him to becuase sleeping boys are borings. He didnt believe that I wasnt tired but I forced myself to go to sleep about 3 or 4am.

WEDNESDAY: We got up and had some breakfast. We took a drive to Garys college, for soemthing to eat and then to Gary's house. He drove me home but got angry and sweary in the car, I didnt enjoy his swearing much, tut tut.

At night I made my mum make truffles and she made me tea as well, what a star <3
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