★stargirl★ (daffojill) wrote,

I made a king cloak on Wednesday and Gary came round to get it from me. I dressed up as an army person. We watched more Family Guy because Gary is obsessed.

I dont know about you but I just cant tell the difference between me and the boy on the box

Last night I went to Local with Jaye and Caitlin for some drinks. We were given Blanket sweatbands so we could get in for free, it's just what everyone needs! We went back and stayed at Jayes afterwards and Caitlin showed me some lovely pictures and read me a story. Jaye woke us up at 5 in the morning to watch a show about parrots and hedgehogs. Hedgehogs are quite good. I drank about 3752 gallons of juice and then sent Jaye to get me some water. I am a THIRST MONSTER!

Clearly I cant drink without looking like a spaz

Today Jaye and Caitlin got up and out to do stuff so I stayed in bed for a bit longer then got up and went home about half past 2.
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